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Texas Strength Systems is known nationwide for its contributions to the powerlifting and strength sport communities.

TSS Houston is excited to serve lifters and athletes within the North Houston strength community!

We have over 5,000 square feet of dedicated training space filled with custom and competition-grade equipment for all your powerlifting and bodybuilding needs.

Custom Made Competition Equipment

Our fabrication team built custom-made equipment for our facility.

  1. 6 TSS Combo Racks
  2. 3 ER Combo Racks
  3. 2 TSS Power Racks
  4. 3 TSS Calibrated Kilo Sets
  5. Ivanko Calibrated Kilo Set
  6. 3 Eleiko Bars
  7. 10 Power Bars
  8. Texas Deadlift Bar
  9. Texas Squat Bar
  10. Titan SSB
  11. Titan Duffalo Bar
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