Heavy lifting
made easy

We keep our memberships and pricing simple so you can focus on heavy lifting without the hassle of expensive membership contracts.

Membership includes:
24/7 Access
Brand New Facility
Competition Equipment
Monthly Plan
Perfect for members who want more flexibility.
$20 initiation fee
Paid in Full
Enjoy a year membership at our deepest discount.
one time payment
Custom Made Competition Equipment

Our fabrication team built custom-made equipment for our facility.

  1. 6 TSS Combo Racks
  2. 3 ER Combo Racks
  3. 2 TSS Power Racks
  4. 3 TSS Calibrated Kilo Sets
  5. Ivanko Calibrated Kilo Set
  6. 3 Eleiko Bars
  7. 10 Power Bars
  8. Texas Deadlift Bar
  9. Texas Squat Bar
  10. Titan SSB
  11. Titan Duffalo Bar

Day Passes

In town to visit or just in the area for the day?
Enjoy one of the strongest strength facilities in the North Houston area.

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